Evident IT offers specialist PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL Plus Advance Server (PPAS) and Database Administrator (DBA) services to clients across the UK. Our certified DBAs can help you to install, upgrade, develop, optimise and tune your company’s SQL Server to really maximise your investment.

Our PostgreSQL services include:

  • PostgreSQL consultancy
  • PostgreSQL disaster recovery using Log Shipping
  • PostgreSQL high availability using Clustering
  • PostgreSQL replication using XDB Replication
  • PostgreSQL performance tuning
  • PostgreSQL backup using pg_backup, pg_basebackup, BART, cluster/file system backup
  • PostgreSQL DBA outsourcing
  • PostgreSQL emergency support
  • PostgreSQL upgrade

Find out how we can improve the way your information is stored and accessed across your organisation. Please contact us today for a free consultation and see how our solutions can transform your business.