Network Services

All companies rely on being able to share files and resources, such as printers and the internet, between users quickly and reliably. Evident IT specialises in creating efficient wired networking systems for small to medium sized businesses with between 1 – 20 workstations.

Client Challenges:

  • Existing network frequently experiences problems (such as data bottlenecks, errors, poor network control), reducing the efficiency, speed and security of the IT system
  • Current network needs to expand to accommodate growth
  • You are starting a new business and want to create an efficient and secure network.

Our Solutions:

  • We will conduct a free audit of your site and provide recommendations to improve your network, cabling and hardware system
  • Complete design and implementation of wired networks
  • Testing, troubleshooting and management of existing networks
  • Expand existing networks
  • Build Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Please contact us today for a free consultation and find out how our network solutions can benefit your business.

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