Database Migration & Re-engineering

As an organisation evolves, its database will inevitably require migration or re-engineering to support changing business needs. Using our extensive experience and expertise, we will manage your migration or re-engineering requests seamlessly, offering the most effective solution for your organisation.

Client Challenges:

  • Current database is reaching its capacity limits
  • Database has limited functionality
  • Poorly designed database inhibits performance
  • Current database uses less sophisticated or older, unsupported technology.

Our Solutions:

  • Assess your immediate and forecasted business needs in relation to required database capacity and functionality
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your existing database
  • Recommend the most suitable re-engineering, migration or upgrade solution and implement effectively.

Business Benefits:

  • Database offers excellent performance and is able to support expansion
  • A fast, effective and user-friendly database increases productivity
  • Longer support period and more upgrade paths for future requirements.

Please contact us today for a free consultation and find out how our database migration and re-engineering solutions can transform your business.

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