Database Management

Readily available and reliable information is fundamental to the daily operations of any company. Evident IT provides a 24/7 database management service to ensure your database runs at an optimum level at all times. We proactively monitor your database for potential problems, and spend time fine tuning its performance to increase uptime.

Client Challenges:

  • In-house DBA skills are not available
  • Performance of database is degrading
  • Standardise database installation and configuration
  • No backup strategy in place.

Our Solutions:

  • Conduct an in-depth assessment your site, and identify and resolve issues which can lead to poor performance or even loss of data
  • Standardise your database installation and configuration to ensure effective running with no loss of data
  • Provide remote or onsite round-the-clock availability of professional support on project or retained basis
  • Resolve performance degradation related issues
  • Provide efficient database monitoring and analysis, with proactive troubleshooting to solve problems before they affect end users
  • Support all major database platforms
  • Create efficient growth/ downsizing models.

Business Benefits:

  • Database uptime is improved
  • Staff and customers are able to access information fast.

Please contact us today for a free consultation and find out how our database management solutions can transform your business.

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