Bespoke Database Development

Most companies have unique business requirements which off-the-shelf solutions are seldom able to fulfil. Evident IT specialises in the design and development of high performance bespoke databases that streamline business processes and improve productivity. We are highly experienced across all industry sectors, and can cater to the most complex or specialist of requests.

Client Challenges:

  • Constantly changing business and technology needs
  • Packaged database software is limited in functionality
  • Extending functionality of ready-made database software can be very expensive, as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

Our Solutions:

  • We evaluate your business requirements, catalogue your data and create a database tailored to the requirements of your company
  • We build extendable and scalable databases that can respond to changing business needs quickly.

Business Benefits:

  • Data can be acquired, managed and processed more easily
  • Information is stored in a disciplined manner, improving availability, quality and consistency
  • Data can be analysed in a variety of ways to easily demonstrate business performance, profitability, etc.

Please contact us today for a free consultation and find out how our database development solutions can transform your business.

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