PostgreSQL - A real alternative to Oracle?

PostgreSQL is open source Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS) developed by worldwide team of volunteers. With past 15 years of active development and proven architecture, it has earned a strong reputation in the market. PostgreSQL is currently available in community version under open source license similar to the BSD or MIT license and from EnterpriseDB who sells flagship product, Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) and enterprise-level support and utilities.

In past few yeas we have all heard talk about moving to open source solutions like PostgreSQL from Oracle but how many people have actually managed to do this? And what are the challenges have they faced?

What are the challenges with Oracle?

As we all know, Oracle has been a big player in the database market and a stable complete enterprise level database solution. However, Oracle offers applications which are not certified on many other alternative databases, locking customers down in expensive contractual agreements. This has been one of the biggest challenges!

What is the alternative and what should be the approach to move away from Oracle?

PostgreSQL database in available in Oracle compatibility mode which offers most of the Oracle database features in PostgreSQL. The approach usually taken when moving away from Oracle is to start with “low-hanging fruit” – anything that isn’t absolutely essential for day-to-day operations. Tools are provided to analyse existing Oracle database setup to determine how difficult it will be to migrate an application in question to PostgreSQL.

So, in most cases the strategy is not to dump Oracle entirely but to move what we can to PostgreSQL when we can. Small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) with highly transactional, cost-sensitive or both, may choose to rip and replace to achieve cost containment. This is a very attractive option with Oracle stopping their lower end of licenses and forcing customers to move to expensive Enterprise edition.

For instance, large bank in London, undertook major migration moving number of mission-critical apps over to Postgres with some of the large scale and complex databases still running from Oracle.


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PostgreSQL - A real alternative to Oracle?
PostgreSQL is open source object relational database system (ORDBMS) developed by worldwide team of volunteers.
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